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Estate Planning

Published on 28 Oct 2014 | Took place at Tattersall’s Club, Brisbane, QLD

Wills are the mechanism that deal with assets and personal property on death. Estate and succession planning is the process you undertake in conjunction with a solicitor, accountant and financial planner to leave ownership, control and perspective of wealth in a controlled manner. In other words, planning to avoid an uncontrolled passing. That planning involves a consideration of income tax and duty issues, more so, when dealing with assets that are controlled as opposed to owned.

This event provided an overview of those issues as well as non-tax considerations when raising with your clients wills, estate and succession planning.

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Individual sessions

The problem with the deal done at the dinner table

Author(s):  Scott WHITLA

This paper covers:

  • estate planning objectives
  • estate planning for trusts
  • estate planning and family businesses
  • disputes between trustees and beneficiaries
  • family provision applications
  • equity
  • revenue implications of court orders.
Materials from this session:

Control of trusts

Author(s):  Heather Greatrex,  Peter VILAYSACK

This paper covers:

  • different controllers
  • when and how to appoint new officeholders
  • use of corporate appointor.
Materials from this session:

Special purpose trusts

Author(s):  Linda Tapiolas

This paper covers:

  • administration of the estate
  • summary of CGT rules for deceased estates
  • assets passing to a beneficiary of a testamentary trust
  • trust income and Section 102AG (special purpose trusts)
  • special disability trusts.
Materials from this session:

Death, CGT event K6, and Division 149

Author(s):  Troy MORGAN

This paper covers:

  • effect of death
  • Division 149
  • CGT event K6
  • planning opportunity.
Materials from this session:

What will happen to the business?

Author(s):  Peter J MCKNOULTY

This paper covers:

  • intergenerational transfer of businesses and investments
  • issues for intergenerational transfer of wealth
  • the role of the advisor team
  • developing the family succession plan.
Materials from this session:

Incapacity and control generally and in SMSFs

Author(s):  Mercia Stoltz

This paper covers:

  • planning for incapacity and disability: personal and business
  • SMSF and enduring power of attorney
  • control of SMSF following death.
Materials from this session: