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Expanding Private Business Day 2 - Expanding Workforce

Published on 27 Aug 2013 | Took place at Tattersall's Club, Brisbane, QLD

    In an increasingly competitive environment, where State and National borders are less relevant, clients are looking to new markets and opportunities in other States and other continents. This seminar was designed for practitioners advising SME clients who:
  • are expanding and/or altering the makeup of their existing workforce
  • are establishing offices and/or employees in other States
  • looking to attract and retain key personnel
  • are expanding offshore
    Topics covered include:
  • Queensland tax issues when expanding
  • multi jurisdiction workforce tax issues
  • don't be too casual about your contractors
  • incentivising employees
  • letting loose the employment lawyer
  • employee and residency issues

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Individual sessions

Queensland payroll tax issues when expanding

Author(s):  James PETTERSON

Payroll tax, unfortunately, is a bitter pill for any private business to swallow. Do not assume that it isn’t an issue for your clients and, likewise, it may not be an issue when you thought it may have been.

This paper covers:

  • grouping whether you like it or not
  • monthly and not annual thresholds
  • what is included when grouping (FBT and Super)
  • start with this - definition of consultant (which is different for tax purposes).
Materials from this session:

Don't be too casual about your contractors

Author(s):  Shannon JAMES,  Patricia ROUTLEDGE

The title to this paper says it all. Many give themselves comfort that a simple label change is enough to escape the burdens of employees. That is not the case and you will need more than a label change to avoid the current focus on the area.

This paper covers:

  • employee v contractor generally
  • extended application to specific employment taxes
  • ATO/OSR focus
  •  war stories
  •  practical considerations for employers.
Materials from this session:

Employee and residency issues

Author(s):  Richard WHEELER,  Haylee CAU

For any business that is looking to expand and outsource, this paper is critical to avoid common traps as well as provide a framework to familiarise yourself with the issues in area that you may not have canvassed.

This paper covers:

  • having offshore entities pay resident employees
  • having non-residents come onshore - inclusion of offshore income here in Australia
  • having offshore employees doing the work.
Materials from this session:

Payroll tax - Some multi jurisdictional issues

Author(s):  Damian O'CONNOR

Payroll tax is a major source of state government revenue and payroll tax grouping is firmly on the radar of OSR auditors. The payroll tax grouping rules have been described as a parallel universe and maze from which escape is almost impossible and things certainly don’t get any simpler when businesses operate in different states. This paper looks at some practical steps that you can take to manage client exposure to unexpected tax costs in an highly technical area of law where unpleasant surprises are becoming increasingly more common for advisors as well as employers.

This paper covers:

  • payroll tax liabilities where you least expect them - Different rules in different jurisdictions - Interstate and overseas payroll
  • practical Guide to Payroll Tax Grouping
  • dealing with OSR audits
  • managing client expectations
  • guidance from recent cases
  • other multi jurisdiction employer obligations – eg workcover.
Materials from this session: