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Family Planning: Structuring and Restructuring the Family Business

Published on 20 May 2011 | Took place at Hilton Adelaide, Adelaide , SA

This event assisted in advising your clients on why they may need to consider restructuring their current business entities or what the most appropriate structure is for a new business.

This event highlighted some of the more compelling reasons for addressing structure including Division 7A/UPE considerations, asset protection, estate planning and sucession.

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Individual sessions

Dealing with Div 7A/UPE

Author(s):  Grantley STEVENS

This paper covers:

  • recent changes
  • where are we now?
  • why should we be concerned?
  • what are Section 2 loans?
  • what are Section 3 loans?
  • other recent announcements.


Materials from this session:

Estate and succession planning

Author(s):  Bernie O'SULLIVAN

This paper covers:

  • the role of the adviser
  • succession for partnerships, trusts and companies
  • equalising gifts and dealing with loans
  • updating documents.
Materials from this session:

Asset protection

Author(s):  Arlene MACDONALD

This paper covers:

  • asset protection benefits of particular structures
  • claw back rules on restructuring
  • recent developments in asset protection.
Materials from this session:

Structuring and restructuring overview

Author(s):  Andrew SINCLAIR

This paper covers:

  • structures for establishing new business
  • options for restructuring existing businesses.
Materials from this session:

CGT concessions and rollovers

Author(s):  Brian NIMMO

This paper covers:

  • small business CGT concessions
  • CGT rollovers.
Materials from this session:

Business licensing

Author(s):  Michael BUTLER

This presentation covers:

  • what is involved with a licensing arrangement & what are benefits?
  • tax & stamp duty issues with licensing – rather than transferring – a business
  • is it legally possible to licence a business and/or goodwill?
  • is position affected by Sturt Football Club v Cmmr of State Taxation (SA)?
Materials from this session:

Utilising super

Author(s):  Kerri PARKER

This presentation covers:

  • paper
  • the shift
  • case study:
    • restructure
    • new partner
    • new premises
    • death.
Materials from this session: