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Financing Activities - A look at the current issues in cross border and domestic financing

Published on 22 Jun 2010 | Took place at The Melbourne Hotel, Perth , WA

This event was part of the Coprorate Tax Club Series 2010 which provides corporates and advisory firms an opportunity to hear from speakers who are acknowledged to be at the top of their game, whether they be commercial players, tax advisers or bureaucrats. Furthermore, they provide corporate tax managers an opportunity to mix with potential professional advisers, and for advisers to mix with prospective clients.

This event covered financing activities – a look at the current issues in cross border and domestic financing.

Individual sessions

Financing activities

Author(s):  Rob BENTLEY

This presentation covers:

  • ongoing considerations
    • funding alternatives
  • recent developments
    • TP and thin cap
    • CFC funding
    • s974-80
    • TOFA 3 and 4 –financing costs
    • reduced WHT for ‘financial institutions’ (budget announcement)
    • ENCO – TR 2010/D1
    • debt deductions under s25-90
  • future directions.
Materials from this session: