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Hands On Super - A Practical Guide For You And Your Practice

Published on 21 Aug 2012 | Took place at Polo Club, Brisbane, QLD

    This full day seminar focused on the important place which the self managed superannuation sector inhabits in the current environment. Presenters looked at recent legislative and other changes as well as on leading edge strategies for managing all layers of the life cycle of the SMSF vehicle. This ranged from a focus on the front end funding/contribution strategies, through to management of investment strategies and the end of the life cycle which has come under so much more scrutiny with the ATO’s recent ruling on the tax issues raised by income stream benefits.
    Issues covered included:
  • funding retirement - how to maximise your benefits
  • great deeds - the SMSF deed health check
  • new client - super checklist
  • excess contributions tax
  • super on termination of employment
  • the nuts and bolts of property in super
  • estate planning timebombs.

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Individual sessions

Funding retirement - How to maximise your benefits

Author(s):  Peter VILAYSACK

The contribution caps can make it tough to accumulate enough superannuation for retirement. Compare different options and rank the use of alternative strategies taking into account tax, risk and liquidity issues.

Topics covered include:

  • personal contributions
  • using the small business concessions for superannuation
  • related party structures
  • non-arms length income issues
  • personal debt reduction vs superannuation contributions
  • when are non-superannuation investments better?
Materials from this session:

Great deeds - The SMSF deed health check

Author(s):  Scott HAY-BARTLEM

How good is your super fund deed? Is your deed due for an update? With this presentation, learn what should be in the deed and what is better left out.

This presentation covers:

  • the structure of a SMSF deed and identify the good and bad drafting points
  • examples of poorly drafted or out of date clauses as well as examples of overdrafted deeds
  • highlights key strategies that only work if permitted by the deed.
Materials from this session:

New client - Super checklist

Author(s):  Brett GRIFFITHS

You are meeting a new SME client with their own SMSF. Do you have a practical checklist to cover all the issues that you and the client will need to consider?

Use this paper to develop a checklist for your clients covering: 

  • SGC
  • cash flow planning for contributions
  • taking over administration of a SMSF
  • checking key fund documents and records
  • risk areas to identify
  • avoiding excess contributions tax
  • key dates
  • workflow and submission of information from clients
  • what can the tax agent advise on and what needs to be referred out?
Materials from this session:

Excess contributions tax

Author(s):  Neal DALLAS

Can the fund rules prevent ECT assessments arising? If a member has an ECT assessment, what are the timing rules and options for responding?

This paper covers:

  • fund rules – stopping excess contributions by deed
  • traps to watch out for
  • ATO process
  • ATO ID’s and publications
  • time limits and who pays ECT
  • fund contribution caps and ECT refunds.
Materials from this session:

Super on termination of employment

Author(s):  Chris WYETH

Changing jobs or retiring can be a trigger for major changes in a client's financial circumstances. Make sure you understand all the risks and opportunities for your clients.

Topics covered include:

  • alternate strategies for dealing with termination payments
  • differing issues for redundancy, resignation or retirement?
  • keep cash, pay down debt or top up super?
  • traps on shifting superannuation funds
  • restructuring funds and investments to move to income phase.
Materials from this session:

The nuts and bolts of property in super

Author(s):  Dennis EAGLES

This paper explores the current law on how SMSF’s can invest in property and the practical pitfalls.

Topics covered include:

  • renovation
  • development
  • related party acquisitions
  • related party structures
  • limited recourse borrowing.
Materials from this session:

Estate planning timebombs

Author(s):  Chris BALALOVSKI

Do you know what it takes to avoid an estate planning disaster? Can you save your clients from unnecessary tax bills? How many “sleeping” estate planning issues are sitting on your clients’ files and what should you be doing?

Your “timebombs” include:

  • structuring pensions – the latest ATO ruling
  • do you need a testamentary trust as well?
  • passing on control of a SMSF
  • lump sum, recontribution or death benefit pension?
Materials from this session: