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Managing Tax Audits - What You Need to Know

Published on 08 Nov 2011 | Took place at The Tax Institute, Sydney , NSW

There are many pitfalls and problems which can arise during an audit of your SME client. This event, targeted at SME clients and their advisers, brought you up to speed with what you need to know to prepare for an audit.

This event covered:

  • the different types of tax audits, with a focus on physical ATO tax
  • what to do and what not to do when the ATO or your client calls to inform you that an audit is to be conducted
  • suggestions on what needs to be done before the auditors arrive at your premises
  • the best way to make a voluntary disclosure, and how detailed it should be
  • what has worked well in audits, and what has not
  • whether or not the advisor should be present at the tax audit
  • what happens when the audit is completed and amendments have been issued, but you and your client don’t agree with them
  • how far you should take a matter of dispute
  • how to deal with penalty negotiations.

Individual sessions

Managing tax audits - What you need to know

Author(s):  Simon LE MAISTRE

This presentation covers:

  • context setting
  • process – Selection and review/audit
  • hints on dealing with the tax office.
Materials from this session: