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My Client – The Expatriate

Published on 28 Oct 2010 | Took place at UQ Downtown, Brisbane , QLD

Working offshore or arriving in Australia presents a wealth of planning opportunities. It is a critical time for clients to seek professional advice. The post section 23AG regime is live for the 2010 tax return. A series of changes in key legislation around tax and employee share plans means it is time for a review of any clients who may work offshore or intending to seek overseas employment.

The Australian Taxation Office has also issued a number of important rulings and determinations that will impact the use of Australian Self Managed Superannuation Funds by Australians working or living overseas.

This event covered the following topics:

  • when do you pay foreign tax and when do you pay Australian tax?
  • what are the implications of the 1 July 2009 changes to s.23AG? The loss of the exemption on overseas employment income from Australian tax will affect clients’ tax returns for the 2010 year onwards.
  • failure to understand and correctly apply the foreign income tax offset rules will impact on client’s tax liabilities
  • how should employers be managing PAYG and FBT for offshore employees in particular the impacts of the recent draft TD
  • when can you use a SMSF if you are living or working overseas?
  • what should inpats and expats be doing with employee share plans?
  • opportunities and pitfalls for inbound individuals getting the benefits of the temporary resident rules.

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Individual sessions

Expatriates working offshore - Managing the loss of Section 23AG

Author(s):  Trisha Koch,  Stuart Lawless This paper covers:

  • Section 23AG: pre 1 July 2009
  • rules post 1 July 2009
  • cost issues - income tax
  • cost issues - FBT
  • alternatives - income tax
  • alternatives - FBT
  • Section 23AF.
Materials from this session:

SMSF's for outbound expats

Author(s):  Chris WYETH This paper covers:

  • who is an outbound expatriate?
  • residency
  • expatriates
  • strategic considerations.
Materials from this session:

Employee share schemes for inbound and outbound expatriates

Author(s):  Anna Law,  Tony Halcrow,  Jess Phan This paper covers:

  • 2009 budget announcement
  • employee share acquisition schemes pre 1 July 2009
  • employee share schemes post 1 July 2009
  • interaction with the CGT rules
  • power to amend
  • cross border considerations.
Materials from this session:

Opportunities and pitfalls for inbound individuals

Author(s):  Justin LONG,  Tony Halcrow This paper covers:

  • temporary resident rules
  • taxation of income of temporary residents
  • social security
  • superannuation.
Materials from this session: