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NSW Tax Symposium

Published on 23 Oct 2014 | Took place at Amora Hotel Jamison, Sydney, NSW

This event brought together topical issues, timely guidance and strong technical content specifically for SME’s and those with SME clients.

The day included presentations, updates, workshops and an open forum session where participants discussed the burning issues with our expert panel.

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Individual sessions

A trust primer: Beyond the usual issues

Author(s):  Gordon S COOPER

This paper covers:

  • vesting of trusts: what happens when a trust vests?
  • resettlement of trusts: where are we now after the withdrawal of the ATO’s statement of principles dealing with trust resettlements?
  • UPE problems: what are the issues outside the scope of division 7A?
  • Section 100A: what is the potential impact of section 100a given recent ato pronouncements?
Materials from this session:

Small business CGT case study

Author(s):  Brian J RICHARDS

This paper covers:

  • case study – small business CGT concessions (Division 152 ITAA 1997)
  • suggested solution.
Materials from this session:

The Board of Taxation's role in improving the tax system

Author(s):  Teresa DYSON

This presentation covers:

  • Board’s function
  • tax design issues
  • current/recent tax technical reviews
  • Ministerial Advisory Council for deregulation on taxation matters.
Materials from this session:

Challenges and opportunities in extracting wealth from SME groups

Author(s):  Jol DARE

This paper covers:

  • what are the unique factors in wealth extraction for SMEs?
  • dividend access shares: a collective shiver in SME land
  • TD 2014/1 – part of the landscape of dividend/capital arbitrage … what else is on the horizon?
  • extracting capital is a known risk … what are the risks in dividends?
  • wealth extraction for “special” SME taxpayers
  • are DASs able to be used? What alternatives are available?
Materials from this session:

Handing out a piece of the pie

Author(s):  Louise BOYCE

This paper covers:

  • arrangements covered by Division 83A
  • proposed changes from 1 July 2015
  • arrangements not covered by Division 83A
  • common arrangements for private companies
  • employee remuneration trusts for private companies/start-ups
  • valuation issues for private and start-up companies
  • corporate law issues.
Materials from this session:

SMSF regulatory landscape – Recent developments, future trends

Author(s):  David SHIRLOW

This paper covers:

  • policy trends – the big picture
  • regulatory developments.
Materials from this session:

Panel session and Q&A

Author(s):  Graeme COOPER This video covered a panel session.

Materials from this session: