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Primary Producers, Trusts & Small Business CGT

Published on 27 Oct 2011 | Took place at Vat 2, Bunbury , WA

This event focusesed on issues relating to primary producers, trust streaming and small business CGT concessions.

This event was intended for practitioners and advisors with a basic understanding of the key principles underlying primary producers. It was an ideal refresher for those wanting to update their primary producer knowledge and an excellent program for those with at least 2 - 3 years’ experience.

Please note the materials presented by Syd Jenkins were authored by Ken Schurgott and can be downloaded from Trust Streaming: Critical Information and CPD on the 16th June 2011 in Sydney.

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Individual sessions

Topical tax issues for primary producers

Author(s):  Garth Cahill

This paper covers:

  • farm management deposits (ITAA97 DIV.393)
  • impact of recent trust changes on primary producers
  • non commercial losses and primary producers
  • primary production concessions.
Materials from this session:

Super in managing primary production

Author(s):  Katie Mealey

This paper covers:

  • contributions
  • acquisition of assets
  • stamp duty and superannuation
  • asset acquisition strategies.
Materials from this session:

Protecting the family assets

Author(s):  Natalie Dimmock

This presentation covers:

  • general property settlement principles
  • third parties in the Family Court
  • documenting loans from the family - gift or a fully secured loan? Does it matter?
  • discretionary trusts in the wake of Spry v Kennon
  • are family assets able to be protected and to what extent?
Materials from this session:

Small business CGT concession refresher

Author(s):  Ross Watson

This presentation covers:

  • what options are available
  • how the different business structures impact the application of the concessions
  • look at a case study or four, with relevance to primary producers.
Materials from this session:

Succession planning

Author(s):  Tom Meagher

This presentation covers:

  • succession planning process
  • asset ownership analysis
  • inter-entity relationships
  • trusts succession
  • wills and testamentary trusts.
Materials from this session: