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Primary Production - Topical Tax Issues, Superannuation and More

Published on 29 Aug 2011 | Took place at Intercontinental Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

Any professional adviser with clients involved in primary production will find something of interest in this event.

This event concentrated on topical income tax and state tax issues for primary producers, the use of superannuation funds for primary production assets as well as asset production, succession and estate planning.

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Individual sessions

Non-commercial losses: The Commissioner's discretion - Fact or fiction

Author(s):  Merv BURTON,  Brad Hooper

This paper covers:

  • application of NCL rules
  • Commissioner’s discretion
  • case studies.
Materials from this session:

Topical tax issues

Author(s):  Paul HOLMAN,  Neil Bryden

This paper covers:

  • streaming primary production income
  • the use of corporate beneficaries
  • Tax File number (TFN) requirements
  • ATO slugs trusts in tax crackdown
  • use of assets owned by a private company
  • wine equalisation tax - WETD 2011/1
  • carbon tax
  • budget 2011.
Materials from this session:

Primary production and state taxes

Author(s):  William ESAU

This paper covers:

  • water licences
  • walk-in walk-out sales
  • family farm transfers
  • land holder provisions.


Materials from this session:

Super in managing primary production

Author(s):  Stephen HEATH,  Harry PATSIAS,  Matthew Andruchowycz

This paper covers:

  • primary production
  • SIS issues/related party dealings
  • effecting the transaction
  • SMSF funding issues.
Materials from this session:

Succession planning - The new regime

Author(s):  John GOLDBERG

This paper covers:

  • death and assets
  • a new way of looking at assets
  • succession in your lifetime.
Materials from this session:

Protecting the family assets - A family court perspective

Author(s):  Andrew Barnes

This paper covers:

  • the Family Law Act
  • Kennon v Spry
  • the impact of Kennon v Spry
  • financial agreements - Prenuptial contracts
  • financial resources
  • a loan or gift?
  • credit for gifts
  • testamentary trusts.

Materials from this session: