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Queensland Annual Property Day 2012

Published on 29 Aug 2012 | Took place at Polo Club, Brisbane , QLD

    This full day seminar offered a programme which provided updates on the key AND critical tax issues faced by practitioners with clients in the property game. The programme was developed with an emphasis on the practical application of the various topics.
    Topics covered included:
  • selling off to the developer
  • tips and traps in the development process – commercial issues
  • property in superannuation
  • lease incentives – a refresher
  • restructures involving property
  • indirect taxes - issues and trends from other States.

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Individual sessions

Selling off the developer

Author(s):  David STITT

This paper looks at the tax and legal implications of selling land to a developer for a pre-agreed price or share of profits.

Issues covered include:

  • what is a mere realisation and what practical steps should be taken to ensure this result?
  • access and security issues
  • stamp duty implications
  • can the margin scheme be used?
  • valuation tips and traps
  • development leases.
Materials from this session:

You've got the land, now what happens? Tips and traps in the development process

Author(s):  Hung TRAN

This paper uses a case study to consider issues involved in small lot subdivisions including:

  • tips and tricks with the main residence CGT exemption
  • issues with demolition of premises
  • land tax issues
  • subdivisions
  • land swaps
  • partnership and joint venture issues.
Materials from this session:

The nuts and bolts of property in super

Author(s):  Dennis EAGLES

This paper explores the current law on how SMSF’s can invest in property and the practical pitfalls.

Topics include:

  • renovation
  • development
  • related party acquisitions
  • related party structures
  • limited recourse borrowing.
Materials from this session:

Leasing issues

Author(s):  Damian O'CONNOR

Given the current demand and supply of commercial premises and the state of the economy generally, lease incentives are becoming more and more common. It is therefore timely to revisit issues arising for both lessors and lessees, such as:

  • Cooling’s case – is it still good law?
  • fitout – who owns it? Who is entitled to depreciation on it?
  • tips and traps
  • GST related issues.
Materials from this session:

Restructures involving property

Author(s):  Duncan Bedford

This paper covers a number of issues which arise on a daily basis in practice, including:

  • landholder duty – dealings with shares and unit trusts
  • dutiable transactions involving changes to discretionary trusts (e.g. change of trustee; change of beneficiary/classes)
  • land tax – tips, traps and structures to avoid
  • stamp duty exemptions, including the corporate reconstruction exemption.
Materials from this session:

GST and other indirect taxes - Possible new directions in keeping up with the Southern states

Author(s):  Justin BYRNE

This paper covers:

  • land tax – useful exemptions, site valuations and structuring issues
  • stamp duty – land holder duty, including a comparison of recent Victorian legislation and NSW trends to be aware of
  • GST trends and changes you need to be aware of
  • GST on distressed asset sales – have all the wrinkles been ironed out now?
Materials from this session: