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R&D Incentives Open Forum - R&D for SMEs

Published on 08 Aug 2013 | Took place at InterContinental Hotel, Adelaide, SA

    From 1 July 2011, the Australian Government's R&D tax incentive replaced the previous R&D tax concession. The R&D tax incentive is a targeted and generous entitlement program that helps businesses offset some of the costs of doing R&D, and in doing so, aims to help more businesses do R&D and innovate. It provides even more generous support for small and medium-sized businesses than the R&D tax concession that it replaced.
    This seminar allows you to find out more about the potential for your clients to benefit for the R&D tax incentive and expectations for AusIndustry's perspective.
    It covers:
  • analysis of the eligibility criteria
  • the real benefits for SMEs
  • a real case study example
  • documentation - how much is enough?
  • is the review process really that painful?
  • risk for tax agents.

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Individual sessions

R&D tax incentive overview

Author(s):  Steve PETERS

This presentation covers:

  • overview
  • benefits
  • update 2011/12
  • key tests
  • R&D entity
  • R&D activities
  • eligible expenditure
  • record keeping
  • annual application process
  • guidance led delivery.
Materials from this session:

R&D tax incentive - Our experience

Author(s):  Anne HINTON

This presentation covers:

  • TGR background
  • TGR technology
  • R&D investment
  • R&D tax incentive
  • application
  • application process
  • after lodgement.
Materials from this session:

R&D experiences presentation

Author(s):  Tim SIEBERT

This presentation covers:

  • background and expereince
  • compliance experiences
  • Innovation Australia - AusIndustry
  • expereinces and perspective
  • selling to our client.
Materials from this session: