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Recent Developments - Gearing in Superannuation

Published on 19 Apr 2010 | Took place at Swissotel Sydney, Sydney , NSW

The gearing revolution has changed the way that trustees of superannuation funds, and their advisers, view investments made by superannuation funds. Indeed, now not only do the particular investments need to be considered, but also whether a superannuation fund should borrow to obtain the particular investment exposure. Notwithstanding the amendments made in 2007 to the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, which permitted trustees of superannuation funds to borrow in pre-defined circumstances, there have been lingering and unresolved issues with respect to the strategy.

Two announcements by the Government were made on 10 March 2010, which impact on both the taxation rules, and the regulatory framework surrounding the gearing strategy. Despite the recent announcements, many structuring and interpretive issues will probably remain.

This specialist twilight event is aimed at practitioners and advisers who need to be ‘up to date’ with the latest changes as they occur.

This seminar considered:

  • the proposed income tax and capital gains tax changes surrounding gearing arrangements
  • the goods and services tax, land tax and duties issues which remain
  • general structuring issues and peculiarities which may arise
  • the financial products implications of recommending gearing arrangements to trustees of superannuation funds
  • the implications of the distinction between "traditional installment warrants" and "limited recourse borrowings of complying superannuation funds".

Individual sessions

Recent changes - Gearing in superannuation

Author(s):  Mark PAYNE This presentation covers:

  • treasury release II
  • treasury release I
  • treasury releases
  • definition of instalment warrant
  • financial products
  • financial services business
  • tax issues
  • clarify existing position
  • submissions.
Materials from this session: