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Resource Super Profits Tax - Not So Super!

Published on 23 Jun 2010 | Took place at RACV Club, Melbourne, VIC

The Federal Government has announced that it will introduce a Resource Super Profits Tax (‘RSPT’) to apply to resources projects from 1 July 2012. The RSPT is projected to raise $3B in revenue in its first year of operation and $9B in its second and will have a profound impact on Australian resource projects including projects currently subject to Petroleum Resource Rent Tax ('PRRT'). The Government has committed to consulting on the detailed design of this new tax with a view to releasing draft legislation by mid-2011 and will have a first round of consultation in May and June 2010.

This event was aimed at providing tax advisors, resources industry executives and investors with a broad understanding of the proposed RSPT, lessons learnt from PRRT, the commercial issues raised by transitioning brownfields projects to a new tax, and the financial and accounting implications of the proposed RSPT.

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Individual sessions

Resource super profits tax (RSPT)

Author(s):  Grant CATHRO This presentation covers resource super profits tax.

Materials from this session:

Commercial implications of the resources super profits tax

Author(s):  Ted HILL This presentation covers:

  • implications for supply contracts
  • implications for negotiated acquisitions
  • implications for public company takeovers
  • implications for financing transactions.
Materials from this session:

Accounting for the resource super profits tax

Author(s):  Andrew VAN DINTER This presentation covers accounting implications.

Materials from this session: