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Ripoll Report & the Financial Services Industry

Published on 28 Jan 2010 | Took place at The Perth Concert Hall , WA

The Ripoll Report, being the report of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services, was handed down on Monday 23 November 2009. This report is likely to change the face of the financial services industry, and will suggest strong strategic directions for anyone working in the industry in the future.

This event discussed the report findings, recommendations and likely consequences of the recommendations.

Individual sessions

Ripoll Report & the financial services industry

Author(s):  Fiona HALSEY,  Mark HALSEY

This presentation covers the Ripoll Report findings, recommendations and likely consequences of the recommendations, including:

  • how will the abolition of commissions change the financial services industry?
  • the values of financial services businesses
  • likely approaches to ASIC auditing
  • how much difference will a legislated fiduciary duty make, if any?
  • how would the proposed MIS capital requirements operate?
  • the new professional standards board - how will this interact with ASIC's powers to ban? 
Materials from this session: