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Show me the Super

Published on 04 Aug 2011 | Took place at Novotel on Collins, Melbourne, VIC

This event was designed to maximise the performance of practitioners in the SMSF arena. Attendees heard leading superannuation practitioners present on some of the most pressing practical issues facing SMSFs this year and be trained on maximising the opportunities that exist for trustees and their investments.

Case studies and practical examples were worked through.

Please note the paper presented by Bernie O’Sullivan was written by Thalia Kalaboukas and can be downloaded from Estate Planning - Key Planning Problems and Practical Solutions presented in Launceston on 16 February 2010.

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Individual sessions

The rules of the game - Taxation of SMSFs

Author(s):  Jeffrey CHANG

This presentation covers:

  • historical tax rates
  • complying superannuation fund
  • self-managed superannuation fund
  • regulated superannuation fund
  • resident regulated superannuation fund
  • taxation of a complying SMSF
  • assessable contributions
  • CGT.
Materials from this session:

Business real property and SMSFs conducting businesses

Author(s):  Bryce FIGOT

This paper covers:

  • background - Why everyone had a funny feeling
  • High Court developments - Word investments
  • positive clarification from ATO.
Materials from this session:

Build it and they will come - Property development by SMSFs

Author(s):  Andrew O'BRYAN,  Rebecca JAMES

This paper covers:

  • can an SMSF develop land?
  • can an SMSF use a related party to develop land?
  • when can an SMSF acquire development land from a related party?
  • how can the development be structured?
Materials from this session:

The current state of limited recourse borrowing

Author(s):  Philip BRODERICK

This paper covers:

  • why was the limited recourse borrowing exception changed?
  • a summary of the old and new borrowing requirements
  • asset requirements
  • limited recourse requirements
  • refinancing
  • in-house asset rules
  • the custodian trust
  • tax issues.
Materials from this session:

Retiring in style - Superannuation pensions

Author(s):  Naree Brooks,  Sarah Scales

This paper covers:

  • accessing benefits
  • account based pensions
  • taxation of benefits
  • lump sum v income stream benefits.
Materials from this session: