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SME Property Masterclass

Published on 27 Feb 2014 | Took place at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, Sydney, NSW

Despite the downturn in the property market, the everyday activities of property developers, owners and investors continue to raise difficult tax issues. At the same time, property continues to be a focus area of the Australian Taxation Office and State Revenue Office, creating even more headaches.

This event was for residential and commercial property experts and their advisors. The program was developed with an emphasis on the practical application of current legal regulations.

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Individual sessions

State taxes - An update

Author(s):  Andrew Rider

This paper covers:

  • landholder duty
  • new developments:
    • duty
    • land tax
    • taxation administration.
Materials from this session:

Income tax & CGT in property

Author(s):  Scott McGill

This paper covers:

  • introduction
  • the distinction between revenue & capital:
    • the ATO view & enterprise
    • the ATO View – TR 92/3 & TD 92/161
    • the view of the courts
    • income tax implications where the sale of property is on revenue account
    • income tax implications where the sale of land is on capital account.
Materials from this session:

Practical GST issues

Author(s):  Martin BOOTH

This paper covers:

  • GST litigation
  • classification of real property
  • residential premises
  • new residential premises
  • commercial residential premises
  • recent cases.
Materials from this session:

Unit trusts – The optimal vehicle for property acquisitions?

Author(s):  Chris ARDAGNA

This paper covers:

  • issues surrounding fixed trusts
  • the pros and cons of unit trusts against other acquisition vehicles
  • financing the project – borrowing at the unit holder or trustee level
  • managing Division 7A and UPE issues
  • utilising tax losses
  • accessing tax shelters from capital works and allowances
  • winding up – unit redemption versus capital distribution and vesting.
Materials from this session:

Main residence exemption

Author(s):  Todd Want,  Liam Cox

This paper covers:

  • the main residence exemption
  • to whom can the exemption apply?
  • what is included in your ‘main residence’?
  • establishing your main residence
  • special rules for new/renovated buildings
  • how does the exemption apply?
Materials from this session:

Panel session

Author(s):  Chris ARDAGNA,  Martin BOOTH,  Scott McGill,  Andrew Rider,  Todd Want

This presentation covers:

  • case study - revenue v capital
  • case study - rental property
  • case study – Ben the commodities trader
  • case study – GST & holiday accommodation
  • case study - unit trusts.
Materials from this session: