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SME Structuring Part 1: Building on Firm Foundations

Published on 30 Mar 2012 | Took place at Mecure Hotel, Geelong, VIC

Whilst tax issues are a prime consideratio in any choice of structure, other aspects can have equally or more-significant consequences for your client. The commercial consequences of a dispute between co-owners of the structure may be more costly than any tax saved.

Part one of this series focused on practical non-tax issues that you should consider when establishing a new structure for your client.

Individual sessions

SME structuring: Part one - Building on firm foundations

Author(s):  Meagan O'CONNOR

This paper covers:

  • commercial issues to consider when establishing a new structure
  • what is an investors agreement and why do you need it?
  • what if you don’t have an investors agreement?
  • what should be included in an investors agreement?
Materials from this session: