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Succession Planning Masterclass

Published on 28 Sep 2010 | Took place at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, Kooyong, VIC

Many of your clients have their wealth invested in superannuation funds, family trusts and/or business entities. These clients need a robust succession strategy in the event of their death or incapacity. Where clients have tangled personal lives, added complexities arise.

The presenters at this event included some of the best known experts in estate and business succession planning. They identified some of the key planning problems facing your clients.

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Individual sessions

The interaction of family law and estate planning

Author(s):  Peter CROFTS This paper covers:

  • setting the scene
  • principles of family law
  • disclosing interest in family trusts - are they property?
  • the family courts approach to entitlements under a will?
  • relationship financial agreements
  • how reliable are financial agreements?
  • relationship financial agreements can be set aside
  • practical issues in the actual use of financial agreements
  • relationship financial agreements and their interaction with wills.
Materials from this session:

Tax planning for estates

Author(s):  Michael FLYNN This paper covers:

  • CGT on assets passing to tax exempt entities and non-residents
  • varying the terms of a will after death
  • the main residence exemption
  • CGT consequences of surrendering a life or remainder interest.
Materials from this session:

Passing control of family trusts - A discussion

Author(s):  Graeme HALPERIN This presentation covers passing control of family trusts.

Materials from this session:

Business succession - Demystifying buy-sell agreements

Author(s):  Paul HOCKRIDGE This paper covers:

  • what is business buy-sell agreement?
  • why do we need buy-sell agreements?
  • what do the various buy-sell models look like?
  • what if I can't get the insurance that I want?
  • contractual and drafting considerations
  • CGT on life insurance proceeds
  • CGT on trauma cover
  • where does the cash go?
  • fixed/bare trusts
  • using superannuation funds to finance buy-sell agreements.
Materials from this session:

Superannuation and death

Author(s):  Thalia KALABOUKAS,  Chris KETSAKIDIS This paper covers superannuation and death including:

  • death benefits
  • taxation of death benefits
  • pre-death strategies.
Materials from this session: