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Succession Planning Masterclass

Published on 11 Nov 2014 | Took place at RACV Club, Melbourne, VIC

This event brought together experts from the field to present on and discuss the following topics:

  • family business succession: beware the sleeping giant
  • achieving a successful SMSF succession plan
  • testamentary freedom? Claims against the estate
  • what the incoming executor has to look forward to from a tax perspective.

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Individual sessions

Testamentary freedom? Claims against the estate

Author(s):  Tom McMahon,  Emma WOOLLEY

This paper covers:

  • categories of claims against estates
  • category 1 claims and caveats
  • who can lodge a caveat?
  • revocation of grant of representation
  • incapacity
  • testamentary undue influence
  • category 2 claims introduction
  • current law
  • new law
  • role of representatives in relation to potential Part IV claims
  • what assets are in dispute?
  • prevention.
Materials from this session:

Achieving a successful SMSF succession plan

Author(s):  Thalia KALABOUKAS,  Bernie O'SULLIVAN

This paper covers:

  • understanding what is involved in SMSF succession planning
  • contemplating incapacity and associated risks
  • planning who will control the SMSF on death
  • determining tax effective methods to distribute benefits
  • utilising concurrent and cascading nominations
  • redesigning current pensions: the fresh, the reversionary and the non-commutable.



Materials from this session: