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Superannuation Day

Published on 12 Jun 2014 | Took place at City West Receptions, West Perth, WA

Not only is the size of the SMSF sector continuing to experience very strong growth, but also the sheer volume and complexity of the developments in this area are also growing at similar rapid pace. Higher growth generally means a welcome increase in business for SMSF practitioners. However, it is also vitally important that such SMSF practitioners keep themselves up to date with all of the recent developments in the SMSF space in order to properly advise their clients. In the current changing market, no SMSF practitioner can afford to lag behind.

This event explored the latest changes at a practical and informative level and assist practitioners with navigating the complex minefield of SMSF issues. The topics covered will assist you in identifying the different tax and compliance issues related to SMSFs that your clients are facing and provide you with the relevant tools to help you successfully deal with these issues.

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Individual sessions

Superannuation regulatory update

Author(s):  Greg BENTLEY

This paper covers:

  • contribution caps
  • excess concessional contributions tax
  • proposed budget changes
  • new penalty regime
  • section 293 tax
  • contribution reserving
  • dividend washing
  • segregation
  • limited recourse borrowing arrangements.
Materials from this session:

Insurance - What you need to know

Author(s):  Naz Randeria

This paper covers:

  • upcoming insurance changes
  • permanent incapacity
  • temporary incapacity
  • deductions for future liability to pay benefits.
Materials from this session:

Death of a member

Author(s):  Ron DOIG

This paper covers:

  • to BDBN or not to BDBN
  • formalities of BDBNs
  • is a BDBN like a will?
  • will the SCT have jurisdiction?
  • can complaints be made in relation to an SMSF?
  • to whom and how to pay benefits
  • some problem areas.
Materials from this session:

Replacement of the “accountants’ exemption” - The limited licence regime

Author(s):  Mark HALSEY,  Fiona HALSEY

This paper covers:

  • options available for accountants
  • authorised activities under the "limited licence"
  • the practical considerations relating to the licensee’s back-office under the new licensing regime.
Materials from this session:

All things contributions

Author(s):  Jemma SANDERSON

This paper covers:

  • lessons from the AAT
  • ATO guidance
  • concessional contributions
  • contribution strategies.
Materials from this session:

SMSF’s & property

Author(s):  Con GOTSIS

This paper covers:

  • property basics
  • unrelated unit trusts
  • non geared related unit trusts
  • limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • pre 99 geared unit trusts.
Materials from this session: