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Tax Through the Bottom of a Glass

Published on 23 May 2013 | Took place at The Henry Jones Art Hotel, Hobart, VIC

    The Tax Institute’s inaugural Tax through the Bottom of a Glass Convention hosted 15 of Australia’s leading tax professionals to deliver practical advice to help practitioners reduce and deal with a number of tax related unknowns that their clients may encounter as their businesses grow and they start to conquer new worlds.
    As practitioners' most entrepreneurial clients' businesses grow, they are taking practitioners with them into uncharted waters where they will encounter various taxation issues and opportunities of which their clients may not yet be aware. In fact, many taxation issues that might have been perceived as only for the “big end of town” can be highly relevant to small and medium, and even micro enterprises in any industry.
    The alcohol industry acts as a perfect environment in which to look for tax unknowns that may impact on enterprises of any size. The industry may still be dominated by a few giant corporations, but at the same time there is a consumer movement back to wine from small wineries, craft beers and spirits, and renewed interest in cider, mead and other things given to us by Bacchus. There are many small, medium and micro enterprises active in the industry – and they can face many of the same taxation issues and opportunities as the industry giants.
    Topics covered included: