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The Taxation of Intellectual Property in Australia

Published on 21 Feb 2012 | Took place at Swissotel Sydney, Sydney, NSW

This event covered:

  • the different forms of intellectual property
  • the tax consequences of their creation
  • the tax consequences of exploiting intellectual property
  • the current structuring concepts.

This event has was designed for those with a predominant interest in income tax and who are looking for a good background to the way in which intellectual property is taxed in Australia.

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Individual sessions

Different forms of intellectual property and allied rights not created by statute

Author(s):  Bruce GORDON

This paper covers:

  • protection against misappropriation of business reputation - The tort of passing off
  • confidential information, trade secrets, know how and show how
  • goodwill.
Materials from this session:

Different forms of intellectual property created by statute

Author(s):  James (Jim) COOPER,  Natalie Stoianoff

This paper covers:

  • copyright and the registered monopolies
  • copyright and related rights
  • the Designs Act
  • trade mark.
Materials from this session:

The taxation treatment of proceeds from the exploitation of intellectual property

Author(s):  David Williams

This paper covers:

  • treatment of exploitation proceeds - The big picture
  • exploitation proceeds generally
  • structure of the paper
  • treatment of exploitation proceeds - Domestic transactions
  • taxation by assessment
  • the treatment of specific types of transactions.
Materials from this session:

Potential deductions arising from creating or exploiting IP

Author(s):  Kate WALTERS

This paper covers:

  • the capital versus revenue distinction
  • uniform capital allowances - Division 40
  • opportunities under tax consolidations
  • tax concessions and incentives.
Materials from this session:

Tax consequences of disposing of intellectual property

Author(s):  Daniel SYDES

This paper covers:

  • intellectual property and the tax asset categories
  • amounts excluded from the tax cost on disposal of an asset
  • amounts for which other tax relief can be claimed.


Materials from this session:

Structuring ownership of intellectual property

Author(s):  Eddy MOUSSA

This paper covers:

  • offshore ownership models
  • onshore ownership models
  • business restructuring considerations.
Materials from this session:

Case study to consolidate the learning

Author(s):  Simon THORP

This presentation covers:

  • IP in Australia: Growth
  • is IP in the eye of the beholder?
  • case study 1 - Aus IP lifecycle
  • case study 2 - Transaction structures.
Materials from this session: