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The Trust Has Served its Purpose - Now What Can We Do With it?

Published on 22 Oct 2009 | Took place at City West Receptions, West Perth, WA

The original reasons for establishing a trust may no longer be valid. Terminating the trust and distributing the assets may not be the preferred option. This event looked at some issues arising if the trust is to continue. This event was aimed at lawyers, accountants or financial planners dealing with family discretionary trusts or unit trusts. It was also aimed at people considering the structure or restructure of small and medium enterprises or involved in succession planning where there are or may be assets held in a trust which should now or may in future need to be segregated from other assets of the trust.

Individual sessions

The trust has served its purpose - Now what can we do with it?

Author(s):  Grahame YOUNG This paper covers:

  • cloning: what really happens - cloning after abolition of the concession
  • splitting: what really happens - is ‘merely' a monster?
  • does ATOID 2009/86 signal the end for splitting?
  • what is the effect of the "other amendments" in the exposure draft?
  • extending the life: 80 years, royal lives and living forever in South Australia
  • renouncing or disclaiming interests after Ramsden and Spry: Which CGT event and what value?
  • changes to beneficiaries and classes of beneficiaries: The Statement of Principles; and
  • appointers and guardians: new appointments, changes and successors.
Materials from this session: