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TOFA and Corporate Taxpayers

Published on 12 Oct 2011 | Took place at The Oaks on Collins, Melbourne , VIC

TOFA applies all financial arrangements entered into from 1 July 2010 and for many corporate taxpayers and their in-house finance and tax teams, advising on the implications of TOFA for their business is still a challenge.

This event discussed the day to day issues facing their general corporate clients, who are not financial institutions, in applying TOFA. It discussed some of the practical issues faced by general corporates in not only transitioning into TOFA but also in being able to apply and advise on TOFA going forward within their organisation.

This event was for those corporate tax practitioners who want a good practical understanding of TOFA and who have a solid foundation in the TOFA rules and how they apply to their organisation.

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Individual sessions

TOFA and corporate taxpayers

Author(s):  Tony MORGANTI,  Boris Gontmakher

This presentation covers:

  • dates and deadlines
  • the bottom line
  • TOFA thresholds
  • financial arrangements
  • TOFA timing methods
  • elective methods – Common features
  • elective methods – Retranslation
  • elective methods – Fair value
  • elective methods – Financial reports
  • elective methods – Hedging.
Materials from this session:

TOFA and corporate taxpayers

Author(s):  Stef MASON

This presentation covers:

  • managing TOFA 3&4 in a dynamic environment
  • practical compliance issues
  • ATO TOFA 3&4 compliance program.
Materials from this session: