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Trusts - Are You and Your Team Ready?

Published on 04 Jun 2012 | Took place at Tailrace Centre, Launceston , TAS

The effect of both the trust streaming legislation and the ATOs withdrawal of IT 328 and 329 and has meant that trust distributions need to be effected no later than 30 June 2012 to prevent any risk of an adverse tax assessment.

The release of ATO Draft Ruling TR 2012/D1 has necessitated that the format of resolutions will need to be amended for the current and future years.

This event provided practical insights into the difficult issues confronted by tax professionals in this area. It worked through a range of case studies and sample distribution minutes. This event was essential for anyone who administers and provides tax advice concerning private discretionary trusts.

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Individual sessions

A position of trust: Advisers acting as executors, attorneys or trustees

Author(s):  Sam McCullough

This paper covers:

  • appointment as an executor
  • appointment of an attorney
  • appointment as a trustee.
Materials from this session:

Personal properties security reform

Author(s):  Andrew Yeo

This presentation covers:

  • why is reform needed?
  • application
  • what is personal property?
  • includes
  • excludes
  • what is a security interest?
  • what is a security agreement?
Materials from this session:

Bob’s distribution toolbox - Can we fix it? Revisited

Author(s):  Ron JORGENSEN

This paper covers:

  • reclassification of income
  • allocation of expenses
  • recoupment of losses and capital loss allocation
  • streaming of income & capital
  • reassessment of assessable income
  • anti avoidance provisions
  • Division 7A sub-trust
  • variation of trust deeds.
Materials from this session: