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When the Tax Office Calls - First Contact

Published on 04 Apr 2012 | Took place at InterContinental Adelaide, Adelaide, SA

This event went through tips and traps that you need to be award of in dealing with a comprehensive review or audit from the initial enquiries through to completion.

Individual sessions

When the tax office calls - First contact

Author(s):  Scott BRYANT

This presentation covers:

  • ATO’s compliance program and tax reviews/audits
  • risk management - before an audit happens
  • do’s and don’ts before the call and after
  • what to expect - typical lifecycle of a review/audit
  • best way to make a voluntary disclosure
  • what has worked well in ATO reviews and audits?
  • should the advisor be present at ATO interactions?
  • what if don’t agree with the outcome of the audit?
  • how far you should take a matter of dispute?
  • how to deal with penalty negotiations?
Materials from this session: