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"A day on the bog with Bill Lark" paper


Bill Lark of the Lark Distillery is a modern day pioneer of the alcohol/liquor industry. The Lark Distillery was the first licensed distillery opened in Tasmania since 1839 and is probably responsible for the emergence of the modern day boutique distilling industry in Australia. As a result, Bill has plenty of war stories to tell with some good news at the end.

Bill's paper covers:

  • the anecdotal history of Australian spirits including the notorious “COR 10”
  • the issue of the time it takes to get from production to cash in the bank
  • how, despite Australia’s high taxes, Australian whisky can be exported all over the world including to Scotland
  • why the tax system seems to favour wine and beer over distilled spirits
  • and lots more.

Author profile

Bill Lark
Bill is the founder of Lark Distillery. Lark Distillery was the first licensed distillery in Tasmania since 1839. It was established in 1992 to produce Australian malt whisky, rich in character with a big finish using Tasmanian ingredients. Lark Distillery is very proudly a boutique Tasmanian-owned distillery dedicated to maintaining its proven high quality malt whisky and other unique Tasmanian spirits. - Current at 23 May 2013


This was presented at Tax Through the Bottom of a Glass .

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