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Compensation for loss: GST and insurance issues from the insured's perspective paper


Most businesses will be exposed in some way to issues concerning compensation for loss, whether through insurance or damages or warranty claims. Natural disasters in recent times have brought insurance issues into particular focus.

This paper covers:

  • insurance premiums
    • general observations
    • scenario 1 – standard business asset insurance
    • scenario 2 – transit insurance for staff relocations
  • insurance claims
    • general rules
    • disclosure of input tax credit entitlement to the insurer
    • excess payments
    • insurance settlements – general observations
      • cash settlements
      • property settlements
      • supplies of goods
      • ex-gratia insurance settlements.

Author profile

Michael Flanderka
Michael is Managing Director and CEO of Data Interactive, working with subject matter experts and clients to understand and maximise the value the latest robotic automation technologies can deliver to their organisation. Michael was formerly a Specialist Tax Adviser and Chartered Accountant with 20 years experience across senior roles in the GST and indirect tax consulting industry. - Current at 13 August 2018


This was presented at 2012 National GST Intensive .

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