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Navigating expatriate tax issues: Arrivals paper


In the current war for talent, employers are looking overseas for their recruitment of skilled labour to fill long and short term needs and many foreign nationals are seeking Australia as an attractive place to work and/ or retire. This paper looks at the tax issues individuals face when transferring or relocating to Australia either temporarily or permanently.

Topics covered include:

  • determining residency status for Australian and home country purposes
  • the application of the double tax agreements, claiming exemptions and foreign tax credits
  • taxation of personal income, capital gains, overseas investments and foreign currency transactions
  • Medicare and Australian "social security" such as FTB, baby bonus
  • Australian superannuation and foreign superannuation funds
  • impact of type of visa and an application for permanent residency/citizenship
  • repatriation or retirement?

Author profiles:

Belinda is a Director in the International Assignment Solutions group of the Brisbane practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers. She currently leads the Brisbane team which specialises in advising on the expatriate tax and human resource issues for multinational organisations and their employees. In particular, her core area of expertise is advising such organisations on tax effective remuneration structuring and expatriate policies. She also has significant experience in advising high wealth individuals and corporate groups on individual and employment tax matters such as employee share and option plans, fringe benefits tax, salary packaging, superannuation and retirement planning.
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Author Photo - Alana HAIDUK
Alana is a Senior Manager in PricewaterhouseCoopers' International Assignment Solutions (IAS) practice in Brisbane. She is a senior member of the Brisbane IAS, payroll services and employment taxes team. She has more than nine years experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers. The Brisbane IAS team specialises in advising on the expatriate tax and human resource issues for multinational organisations and their employees. Alana also has significant experience in developing remuneration and tax policies for many global organisations. Alana is responsible for the administration of a number of large expatriate programs in Brisbane and has considerable experience advising clients on general employment issues such as superannuation, fringe benefits tax and payroll tax. Alana also specialises in US taxes
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This was presented at Navigating Expatriate Tax Issues: Arrivals and Departures .

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