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R&D and other incentives - Are you making the most of them? paper


Australia appears to offer fewer tax-related incentives than many of our Asian neighbours. However, it is easy to understate and under-claim the incentives that are on offer in Australia. At the forefront of these incentives isthe Research and Development (R&D) tax offset regime but there are many other incentives and concessions available to corporates. Some of these are directed toward particular industries or market areas, for policy purposes,whereas others potentially have much broader application.This paper takes a deeper dive into the R&D incentives before summarising a number of the otherf ederal government incentives currently on offer.

This paper covers:

  • the new modifications to the R&D incentive
  • who benefits and who loses?
  • the new instalment system how to manage risk,maximise cash flow benefits and get your systems and processes right
  • practical issues from the latest R&D related ATO IDs and Public Rulings – what have we learnt regarding the new R&D regime?
  • an overview of other grants and incentives on offer in Australia, including the Clean Technology Program, ARENA, Commercialisation Australia and the Innovation Precinct Program.

Author profile

Damon Cantwell
Damon has been involved with the Australian business environment for over 18 years, in both a public policy and consultancy capacity, in numerous leadership roles. From 1995 to 1999, Damon worked with the Victorian Government's Automotive Industry Group, concluding his role as Manager. This team focused on the delivery of public policy and programs that supported the development of the local industry, in addition to attracting investment from other regions. Since moving into consulting, Damon has worked from an alternate perspective to assist clients in their development and growth. This has focused on assisting them with their engagement with government, and working to optimise the funding opportunities available from a state and Federal perspective. - Current at 05 September 2013


This was presented at Vic 1st Annual Tax Forum .

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