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SMSFs - investing in property paper


Everyone knows that there are lots of tax advantages in maximising your contributions into superannuation. But that is only half the story. What do you do with the money once it is in there? A balanced share portfolio is always a good start. But a balanced share portfolio is just that - balanced...and boring. And many people with SMSFs do not feel comfortable with shares. But most Australians are comfortable with property (rightly or wrongly). Yet it is not easy to use a super fund to invest in property - or is it? This paper goes through some of the "tips and traps" for SMSFs when investing in property. Topics covered include:

  • SIS and tax issues for SMSFs investing in property
  • using geared trusts to invest in property
  • making the most of grandfathered unit trusts
  • when is leverage not borrowing?

Author profile

Richard Friend CTA
Richard spent most of the first 23 years of his professional career in Brisbane in the tax practice of Andersen and then Ernst & Young. He now operates a tax consulting business through Balena Tassa Pty Ltd. Richard has particular expertise in tax and related structuring issues for the private client market. Most of his work is done by way of consulting to, and providing training for, accountants and lawyers around Australia who operate in these areas. - Current at 19 May 2017
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