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The new 'alienation of personal services income' rules


This seminar paper discusses PSI rules, with a focus on: what is the new PSI, who has it, who doesn't and what are the primary threshold tests; how will the results test work to release affected taxpayers from the PSI system; who do you attribute PSI to individuals, what deductions will your clients lose under the new system, when can you apply for a PSBD; do Part IVA and its related cases and rulings on personal exertion income still apply where you pass the primary tests or do you have a 'personal service business'; how will your PAYG obligations be charged under PSI?

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Graham Candy
Graham is a Senior Consultant at Rigby Cooke Lawyers. He has been a commercial lawyer since 1969 and a partner in Rigby Cooke and its predecessors since 1971. He has had a number of articles published in leading journals on taxation law and has presented many lectures and seminars on current tax issues to lawyers, accountants and other professional and business associations. - Current at 23 October 2005
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This was presented at SME Tax Intensive Case Studies: Session Two .

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