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Allocable Cost Amount - Steps 2, 3 & 4 presentation


The issues covered in this presentation include:
- what liabilities are
- dealing with linked liabilities, and off-balance sheet liabilities
- allowing for present or future tax deductions
- issues relating to intercompany debts
- allowing for unrealised gains and losses
- debt/equity issues
- finance and operating leases
- provision for taxes and deferred tax liabilities
- discharge of liabilities and CGT event L7
- transitional treatment of unfrankable undistributable profits
- profits accruing to a group in a creeping takeover
- intragroup dividends and their impact on step 3
- profits which recoup losses.

Author profiles

Jim Targett
James commenced working on consolidation in October 1999 in the Consolidation Centre of Expertise. From January 2001 to December 2002 James worked in the consolidation asset cost setting law design team working directly on the introduction of the first four consolidation Bills. Since January 2003 he has been working on the interpretation of consolidation related issues including the preparation of tax rulings and determinations. - Current at 25 May 2007
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Richard Czerwik FTI
Richard is an Executive Director with the EY Tax Centre for Excellence. Richard focuses on the identification and analysis of new developments and new issues for the EY tax practice and its clients. He has been heavily involved in business tax reform developments and has participated in various consultation forums with the Treasury, the ATO and professional bodies. He is currently a member of The Tax Institute’s Victorian Education Committee and its National Education Committee. - Current at 03 July 2014
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Anthony Stolarek
Photo of author, Tony STOLAREK Tony engages with Australia's federal and state governments, Treasury and Taxation Office on tax policy and tax administration, through the EY Australia Tax Centre for Excellence. In his EY role and membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia tax technical committee, he is heavily involved in submissions to government and the ATO on policy proposals, changes in the tax system and improving its administration and interpretation. Tony is an ICAA representative on the ATO National Tax Liaison Committee and various subcommittees and a member of the Law Council of Australia Business Law tax committee. He is also involved in the EY global Tax Policy Services network which has had significant focus on Base Erosion and Profit shifting in the last year. Tony is a member of the Treasury Special Reference Group relating to its scoping paper dealing with the Risks to Sustainability of the Corporate Tax Base. - Current at 14 August 2013
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