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Bi-Monthly Briefing – February 2008 - Adelaide

Published on 12 Feb 08 by THE TAX INSTITUTE

This presentation covers the changes to the tax law from December 2007 to February 2008. It looks at recent tax rulings and tax determinations. It also covers the cases that were decided during this period and the new legislation that was enacted. Topics include:

  • new legislation
  • cases
  • tax rulings
  • tax determinations
  • state tax changes
  • other tax issues that may take place during the relevant period.

Author profiles:

Emma de Roos
Current at 08 December 2012
Catherine FRAWLEY
Catherine is a consultant with KPMG Tax.
Current at 15 September 2005 Current at 28 September 2005


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Bi-Monthly Briefing – February 2008 - Adelaide

Author(s):  Emma de Roos,  Catherine FRAWLEY

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