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Data assets, big data and the new tax world presentation


This presentation covers:

  • is data an important asset?
  • analytics creates value from data
  • business understanding
  • data understanding
  • data preparation
  • modelling.




Author profile

Matt Kuperholz
Matt Kuperholz is a Partner in PwC Australia’s Business Analytics practice and is passionate about the importance of making significant decisions based on evidence, and focuses on the innovative application of analytical methods to discover this evidence. Formally trained in actuarial and computer sciences, Matt has been a data scientist working at the intersection of maths, computers and business consulting for over 20 years. He has helped his clients, large and small, local and global, in almost every industry increase the value of their data assets to bring actionable insights to a wide variety of business challenges ranging from customer, to employee, to supply chain, to financial and to many different forms of risk. - Current at 03 July 2014


This was presented at Vic 2nd Annual Tax Forum .

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