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How to ensure succession planning works: facilitate the process presentation


Business Succession requires a multi-disciplinary approach. No ‚One Consultant? can offer the expertise required to provide all the in depth technical and commercial solutions. This presentation outlines how the process is best facilitated or project managed with a single point of contact and through the author's experiences and case studies – how this optimises the outcomes for all parties. The presentation six step process that can be tailored to meet each client’s requirements with particular focus on the issues around developing the capabilities of the Successor and a staged transition of the Owner from Managing Director to Mentor to Retirement.

This presentataion covers:

  • diagnostics/discovery & information
  • business readiness assessment
  • business planning & remediation (fix what needs to be fixed)
  • information memorandum development
  • business process optimisation & business performance
  • preparation for sale/due diligence/post sale activities.

Author profile

Matt Larkworthy is General Manager at Business Development Company. He is responsible for the Corporate Advisory Practice and specialises in Succession Planning and Corporate Restructuring. His approach is to focus a business on being ‚Sale Ready? at all times and developing the appropriate business structures and planning frameworks to enable clients to maximise their value on exit, and create a structured process that ensures business continuity on handover. Matt works extensively with medium sized enterprises and family owned businesses in this area. - Current at 06 November 2012


This was presented at Business Succession Masterclass .

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How to ensure succession planning works: Facilitate the process

Author(s):  Mark LARKWORTHY

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