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Managing tax risks in an era of uncertainty presentation


This presentation covers 4 scenarios to illustrate the following:

  • error in 2006 ITR
  • case law developments
  • ATO audit issues
  • retrospective amendment.

Author profiles

Geoffrey McClellan
Geoff is one of Australia’s leading commercial litigators and has represented some of Australia’s largest corporations. He is a Freehills Partner - Current at 23 September 2013
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Stefano Mason CTA
Stef has nearly thirty years years experience in advising corporate clients on taxation matters across all areas of tax. He specialises in tax reporting (both USGAAP and IFRS), and tax function performance. He supports engagement teams on the operational, risk management and reporting consequences of tax. Stef co-ordinates and leads the Melbourne tax practice support for all audit assurance projects including process and control reviews. He provides support to clients on strategic tax risk management and improving tax reporting processes. - Current at 12 January 2017
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Elizabeth Tromans CTA
Peter Walmsley FTIA is a Deputy Chief Tax Counsel with the Australian Taxation Office. He has had extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of tax issues and is responsible for deciding the ATO view on many of the most important tax issues. - Current at 12 March 2014
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Individual sessions

Managing tax risks in an era of uncertainty

Author(s):  Liz TROMANS,  Geoff MCCLELLAN,  Stef MASON

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