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Overview of changes presentation


This presentation covers:

  • what is the R&D Tax Incentive?
  • what are the key features of the program?
  • what are findings:
    • advance and overseas findings.

Please note the following links were provided in lieu of a technical paper:

R&D tax incentive - Fact sheet

R&D tax incentive and R&D tax concession - Key differences information sheet

R&D tax incentive - Overview

Author profiles

Nicole Henry
Nicole works for AusIndustry. - Current at 09 November 2011
Nick Oliver
Nick is a Senior Tax Counsel with the ATO in Adelaide. As a member of the Tax Counsel Network he has been involved with a wide variety of public rulings, litigation and tax law development work, including some of the small business measures. He has specialised in R&D issues since 1998 and has practised in that area to the present day. He has been an ATO member of the Tax Office's General Anti-avoidance Rules Panel since 2007. - Current at 12 September 2011
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Bill Steven
Bill has over 25 years’ experience in compliance and interpretive work in the ATO. Bill has recently moved into the ATO Innovations Group and is primarily responsible for managing the risks and overseeing compliance work associated with the new R&D Incentive. - Current at 12 September 2011
David Wilson
David is the General Manager, Research Development & Venture Capital Branch of AusIndustry. David has over 20 years’ experience in research and development including as an Adviser to the Chief Defence Scientist on capability management, and being responsible for over $2 billion in funding for public sector research facilities. David now has responsibility for development and delivery of the R&D Tax Incentive; working closely with industry to manage the transitional impacts. - Current at 12 September 2011


This was presented at R&D Tax Incentive - The New Rules .

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Author(s):  Nick OLIVER,  Paul VAN BERGEN,  Jamie Munday,  Karen STEIN,  David Wilson

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Overview of changes

Author(s):  Nicole Henry,  Bill STEVEN,  Nick OLIVER,  David Wilson

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Administration of the R&D tax incentive

Author(s):  Nicole Henry,  Bill STEVEN,  Nick OLIVER,  David Wilson

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