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Sustainability of our tax system and the case for major reform presentation


After 22 years of continuous economic growth, Australia faces major challenges as our population ages and the resources boom declines. Current modelling suggests that retention of current policies will result in governments at all levels sliding into growing deficits. Another shock like the global financial crisis could see us with European scale debt within a decade. This presentation by a prominent Australian economist and former senior governmental adviser puts the case that comprehensive reform in our tax structure is critical to securing growth, productivity increases, supporting an aging community and ensuring resilient government budgets.

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Roger Beale
Roger is an economist with a major practice advising governments and the corporate sector on policy, economic and strategic issues developed since leaving the Australian public service in 2004. He is able to draw on 20 years’ experience at department head level in the Australian public service and deep experience as a Company Director. He was heavily involved in the micro-economic reform of the Australian economy through the 1980’s and 1990’s. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his contribution to national economic reform and an Officer of the Order in 2006 for his contribution to national environment policy. He was a previous President of the Economic Society of Australia (ACT). - Current at 14 August 2013


This was presented at Vic 1st Annual Tax Forum .

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Sustainability of our tax system and the case for major reform

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