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Tax treaties: Where are we now presentation?

Published on 18 Sep 08

Double tax treaties have seen many developments in recent times, both in terms of Australian treaties and policy but also in respect of the OECD Model Tax Convention. This presentation covers:

  • Australia's modern treaties since the Review of International Tax Arrangements
  • tax treaty policy review announced by Assistant Treasurer in January 2008: What are the likely outcomes?
  • 2008 update to the OECD Model Tax Convention
  • the Exchange of Information article in the context of recent treaties.

Author profile

Ariane Pickering
Ariane currently holds the position Principal Advisor • Treaties in the International Tax and Treaties Division of the Treasury. As chief tax treaty negotiator for Australia, she has responsibility for developing tax treaty policy and negotiating and implementing Australia’s tax treaties. With more than 20 years experience in the Australian Taxation Office prior to moving to Treasury in 2002, she has a long history of involvement with Australian tax treaties as well as in policy development and interpretation of the OECD Model Tax Convention. She is Vice Chair of, and Australia’s main delegate to, the OECD’s Working Party 1 on Tax Conventions and has participated in many of the sub-groups of Working Party 1 on specific issues including the work on tax of computer software, electronic commerce, permanent establishments, non-discrimination, taxation of services and profit attribution. - Current at 18 September 2008


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