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The Consolidation Decision for SMEs - Should I or not? presentation


This presentation covers the following issues:
- do I get an uplift in asset values?
- a preliminary look at exit rules - is there an uplift benefit on exit of subsidiary?
- accounting implications of not entering
- what happens if I don't consolidate?
-- value shifting between entities
-- loss of rollover relief for asset transfers between companies
-- losses unable to be transferred between companies
-- loss of dividend rebate
- effects of delaying the decision to consolidate
- simplified imputation - treatment of company losses.

Author profiles

Sean Van Der Linden CTA
Sean Van Der Linden is a Tax Partner with Ernst & Young specialising in corporate and international tax advice with significant expertise in M&A, financial transactions, tax consolidation, resources taxation and infrastructure transactions. - Current at 24 February 2017
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Samuel Howard CTA
Photo of author, Sam HOWARD Sam is a Partner with Ernst & Young in Adelaide. Sam has over 20 years' experience in tax consulting, providing advice to a range of corporates and SME clients in Adelaide in areas such as transactions, restructuring and tax consolidation as well as general tax advisory services. Sam leads EY Adelaide's Tax Reporting practice which involves providing best practice solutions to large corporates and multi nationals around managing Tax Compliance Reporting. Until recently, Sam was a member of the TTI's State Technical Committee and is a past Chairman of that Committee. - Current at 17 September 2014
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