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The Government's plan to simplify & streamline superannuation presentation


The extent of the Government’s ‘Plan to simplify and streamline superannuation’, as announced in the Federal Budget, came as quite a surprise to many. This presentation provides an overview of the Government’s proposals and the further developments since the budget announcement, including discussion of the following specific aspects of the proposals:

  • taxation of benefit payments
  • payment rules
  • contribution rules
  • age pension assets test (Centrelink)
  • other measures
  • untaxed schemes.

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Sylvia Villios CTA
Photo of author, Sylvia PAPADIMITRIOU Sylvia is a lecturer at the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide. Sylvia researches and teaches in taxation law, particularly focussing on questions about the operation of the Australian tax system, taxation policy, corporate taxation and the role, powers and accountability of the Commissioner of Taxation. She heads the taxation sub-group of the Regulation of Corporations, Insolvency and Taxation (ROCIT) research unit which is based at the University of Adelaide. She is an editorial panel member of the Australian Tax Law Bulletin, Lexis Nexis. She is currently undertaking her PhD titled 'A Framework for Corporate Insolvency Taxation: The Crossroads of the Theoretical Perspectives in Taxation Law and Insolvency Law' at the University of Adelaide. - Current at 01 February 2016
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This was presented at Alice Springs Seminar .

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