Taxation of trusts

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Unit details

Level:   Advanced

Estimated learning duration:   10 hours

CPD:   10 hours

Assessment:   20 multiple choice questions within 60 minutes. 75% pass mark.
2 attempts permitted.

Assumed knowledge:   This unit builds on the knowledge gained in the Trusts fundamentals unit and Capital gains tax fundamentals unit.



Learning outcomes:

  • Identify and explain the main CGT events that can happen in situations involving trusts and calculate capital gains and losses in different scenarios. 
  • Apply the various tests to determine whether a trust can utilise losses of earlier income years for non-widely held trusts.
  • Explain the benefits and consequences of electing to be a family trust or an interposed entity.
  • Advise on the impact of the trust streaming rules, including calculations of the component amounts to be included in the income of a beneficiary.