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Effective property structuring


When investing in or developing real property, it is crucial to choose the correct structure to purchase the property in question in order to ensure an optimal and efficient outcome. While there is an array of options available, it is important to note that the chosen structure must suit the particular circumstances in order to achieve the desired result. Income tax can be a considerable cost in any property transaction and, therefore, it is an important matter to get right. Where required, alteration of the structure should be undertaken as early as possible during the period of ownership.
This article highlights issues for discussion and debate regarding structuring for property ownership. The article summarises general matters, and then focuses on a worked example as an illustration of matters to consider when structuring property ownership with legacy ownership issues. It also summarises a potential structure that could be established in advance to being used to own and develop property.

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Mathew Ciccarello
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Tim Murton
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