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It's Birthday Time (GST)


GST is one year old, but has it come to the party? How bright are its short and long term futures? And in light of the aftermath of GST in New Zealand, how can GST in Australia be improved?

Author profiles

Anthony Fitzgerald
Anthony is Head of Indirect Tax at National Australia Bank (NAB). He is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in indirect tax and has responsibility for GST, employment taxes and stamp duty within the NAB Group. Prior to joining NAB, Anthony was a Partner in a boutique indirect tax practice in Melbourne for 10 years, consulting to large businesses across a broad range of industries. - Current at 05 September 2013
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John Haig FTI
John Haig is an adviser and tax agent who specialises in the more complex issues in GST, wine tax and luxury car tax as well as supporting clients while they are undergoing an ATO audit. John has advised many clients and their taxation and legal advisers, delivered many presentations, and authored many papers on the major issues in GST, which inevitably involves a strong focus on real property transactions. He is a Fellow of The Tax Institute, a member of the Indirect Taxes Subcommittee of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and a CPA. - Current at 16 June 2017
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