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Taxwise individual news - April 2014

Published on 01 Apr 14 by THE TAX INSTITUTE

  • do you still need to do your tax return?
  • various issues affecting 2013 returns
  • ensure the IT5 and IT6 income tests labels are completed correctly
  • think about what you might need to do before 30 June 2014 rolls around
  • announced un-enacted Measures
  • MRRT and carbon tax repeals and associated changes
  • taxable payments annual reports and contractors in the building and construction industry
  • working on an upcoming property transaction? Check the vendor's GST details
  • employee share schemes and start-up companies
  • FBT: otherwise deductible rules and salary sacrifice expense payment fringe benefit - TD 2013/20
  • roreign employment income
  • $900 cheques will no longer be issued
  • changes to how super excess concessional contributions are taxed
  • MySuper
  • updates from the ATO.

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The Tax Institute is Australia's leading professional association and educator in tax, with offices in most major cities. Focusing solely on tax, the Institute provides the best resources, education and networks. Our mission is to equip tax professionals with everything they need to demonstrate the highest level of expertise and increase the advancement of public knowledge and understanding. We are also committed to propelling members into the future and onto the global stage with the introduction of the Chartered Tax Adviser designation.
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