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Structural tax reform: What should be brought to the table?


This article canvasses what features of our current tax system should be brought to the table for consideration in the development of policies directed to structural tax reform. It does so against a background of political infection of the tax system over the last five years; the historical and current tax mix; the influence of global competitiveness on the corporate tax system; the confined income tax base for individuals including the current bias in favour of capital gains; and the base limitations of the GST vis-à-vis geographically close comparable jurisdictions. While the author puts forward his own views, he acknowledges the need for comprehensive discussion and understanding with a view to achieving some semblance of consensus.

The author’s conclusion is that the reform required must implement a broader base upon which our income tax can operate and so facilitate a reduction in marginal rates to provide an equitable foundation to broaden the base of the GST.

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The Hon. Richard Edmonds AM, SC
Justice Edmonds was appointed to the Federal Court of Australia in May 2005. At that time he was a practising Barrister at the New South Wales Bar. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Laws. After 15 years in practice as a Solicitor, he was called to the New South Wales Bar in 1985. He was appointed Senior Counsel in 1995. - Current at 13 September 2011
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