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12th Annual Superannuation Intensive

Published on 12 Mar 2015 | Took place at Sheraton on the Park, Sydney, NSW

This event was equipped with a highly regarded and influential panel of expert speakers, discussing practical issues facing SMSF clients and practitioners. A dedicated program covering the recent superannuation regulation changes, case law, strategies in dealing with some of the key issues related to superannuation, retirement planning generally & specific to SMSFs.

This event also covered the regulatory landscape in the SMSF space and address the recent changes related to providing SMSF advice.

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Individual sessions

Super contributions and cap recap

Author(s):  Craig DAY

This paper covers:

  • contribution cap summary
  • concessional contribution cap
  • non-concessional contribution cap
  • allocation of contributions.
Materials from this session:

Pension strategies for 2015

Author(s):  Meg HEFFRON

This paper covers:

  • strategy 1 - the “pre-retirement planning”
  • strategy 2 - get the timing right
  • strategy 3 - why have one when you could have many?
  • strategy 4 - don’t forget lump sums
  • strategy 5 - getting the most out of a TRIS.
Materials from this session:

Superannuation and estate planning - Recent developments

Author(s):  Lisa ODDO

This paper covers:

  • control
  • taxation of death benefits
  • binding death benefit nominations
  • disputing bnding death benefit nominations
  • avoiding disputes
  • insurance in SMSFs.
Materials from this session:

The new regulatory framework for SMSF advisers

Author(s):  Nidal DANOUN

This presentation covers:

  • the new regulatory framework for SMSF advisers
  • removal of the accountants' exemption
  • transition period to 30 June 2016
  • limited AFSL for accountants and SMSF advisers
  • options to consider
  • obligation under the licensing regime
  • interaction with FOFA.
Materials from this session:

The ATO & SMSFs: An update

Author(s):  Matthew Bambrick

This presentation covers:

  • state of play and contemporary services
  • exempt current pension income (ECPI)
  • SMSF members receiving income stream payments
  • minimum pension payment.
Materials from this session: