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2016 North Queensland Tax Symposium

Published on 21 Oct 2016 | Took place at Hotel Grand Chancellor, Townsville, QLD

The North Queensland Tax Symposium was designed to assist you in strengthening your advisory potential by revealing a range of practical tips, tricks and value-add solutions that are likely to be directly relevant to your day-to-day practice. The event contained both structured technical sessions open-panel workshop environments, ensuring that you will not only be accessing the extensive technical expertise and experience of our presenters, but were also given the opportunity to absorb the content within the context of practical case studies.

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Individual sessions

Private business general tax update

Author(s):  Justin DABNER

This paper covers:

  • the Budget and SMEs
  • the Budget and companies
  • the Budget and individuals
  • the Budget and super (contributions)
  • the Budget and super (benefits/earnings)
  • tax administration
  • the Budget and super (benefits/earnings).
Materials from this session:

Valuations for tax purposes and ATO dispute resolution

Author(s):  David HUGHES

This presentation covers:

  • the background to valuations in Australia
  • when should you get an expert valuation
  • AAT Cases on market valuation.
Materials from this session:

Asset protection without triggering tax or duty

Author(s):  Mark LOWIS

This paper covers:

  • what is asset protection?
  • what are we shielding our client’s from?
  • income tax
  • stamp duty
  • moving value without triggering tax or duty
  • individual strategies
  • corporate strategies
  • trust strategies.
Materials from this session:

Making sense of CGT rollovers

Author(s):  Brian Richards

This paper covers:

  • longer term tax focus - an imperative
  • CGT rollover alternatives
Materials from this session: